Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rapper Webbie arrested after Hattiesburg car chase

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Rapper Webbie was charged with felony eluding, driving under the influence and misdemeanor possession of marijuana after a high-speed police chase.

Webbie, whose real name is Webster Gradney Jr., was arrested in Hattiesburg. He was being held Tuesday at the Forrest County Jail pending an initial court appearance.

Authorities said the rapper attempted to elude police Sunday after an officer tried to pull over a 2009 Dodge Challenger for a traffic violation on Interstate 59. He ignored police lights and continued on I-59, colliding with another vehicle. Police later found the damaged Challenger in a parking lot on U.S. Highway 49.

Police later stopped a gray sedan and Gradney was arrested, authorities said.

Gradney, a native of Baton Rouge, La., was charged with one count of felony eluding, one count of DUI and one misdemeanor count of possession of marijuana found in the Dodge Challenger.

His album "Savage Life 2" made the rap charts this year.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lil Yella & BRMC

BATON ROUGE - Baton Rouge Music Company & Lil Yella of Thug Nation Ent got alot in the works for BR. Currently Yella is working on his new mixtape then is gonna hit you with the album. Pics have been posted To View Click Here

Be on the lookout for a exclusive video coming real real soon


PS here are 3 preview pix

Monday, August 11, 2008

Reason for BRMC No Show @ Juvenile Concert

BATON ROUGE - Baton Rouge Music Company was defiantly supposed to be in the building for the Juvenile concert @ the Bella Noche ON Saturday Aug 9th but our ride situations did not work the way they should of and it wrecked the night .

Our Apologizes


Friday, August 8, 2008

Free Lil Boonie & Young Ready

BATON ROUGE - Currently Lil Boonie & Young Ready are locked up. Free Them Both !!! There is also another Baton Rouge artist who is locked up but all details are currently being kept private at this time. Also Free Duke, you already know !!!!!

Boonie is with Money Makers Ent
Young Ready is with Camp Life Ent

stay tuned more details as we get them


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Juvenile @ The Bella Noche in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE - Baton Rouge has the honor of experancing former Cash Money Millionaire Juvenile to the Bella Noche Aug 9th 2008. Doors open @ 10 PM. Baton Rouge Music Company will be in the building doing photography

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D-So & Sam I Am Release New Singles

BATON ROUGE - Sam I am & D-So, both members of the group Da Gang have released new singles. D-So has dropped the track, "Life og a Jiggalator which features Sam I Am as well as a secret feature. Sam I Am is working with his new club hit, "I Go Hard" which is another club banger under Sam I Am's belt once again.

To Book D-So call 225.278.0123 ask for DeTrane
To Book Sam I Am call 225.2 46.0026

BRMC shot a pretease promo music video for these two new singles please viewm

Webbie 6 12's Videoshoot & Concert @ The Bella Noche Aug 2nd 2008

On Aug 2nd 2008 BATON ROUGE - Baton Rouge Music Company was in the building doing Photography for The Bella Noche during its Classic Webbie Concert & 6 12's Video shoot. Many Baton Rouge talents were also in the building including Jimi Jump Thrasher Boy Down Bad Ent Lil Yella Big Bud Big Cheese and many others as well. Next Week Aug 9th 2008 Juvenile @ Da Bella Noche will be in Concert along with Nussie The Short Bus Boys and many more !!!!!!

To view over 75 images from this event please visit Baton Rouge Music Company Interactive



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